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Multivalency concepts, research & applications / edited by Jurriaan Huskens, Leonard J. Prins, Rainer Haag, Bart Jan Ravoo

Sujet(s) : Valence (chimie théorique)

Multivalency is a widespread phenomenon, with applications spanning supramolecular chemistry, materials chemistry, pharmaceutical chemistry and biochemistry. This advanced textbook provides students and junior scientists with an excellent introduction to the fundamentals of multivalent interactions, whilst expanding the knowledge of experienced researchers in the field.
Multivalency: Concepts, Research & Applications is divided into three parts. Part one provides background knowledge on various aspects of multivalency and cooperativity and presents practical methods for their study. Fundamental aspects such as thermodynamics, kinetics and the principle of effective molarity are described, and characterisation methods, experimental methodologies and data treatment methods are also discussed. Parts two and three provide an overview of current systems in which multivalency plays an important role in chemistry and biology, with a focus on the design rules, underlying chemistry and the fundamental principles of multivalency. The systems covered range from chemical/materials-based ones such as dendrimers and sensors, to biological systems including cell recognition and protein binding. Examples and case studies from biochemistry/bioorganic chemistry as well as synthetic systems feature throughout the book. (Source : Site de l'éditeur)

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Catalyst-free organic synthesis / by Goutam Brahmachari

Sujet(s) : Composés organiques -- Synthèse

It is well-established that organic synthetic processes have been at the core of the chemical industry for hundreds of years, in the production of organic compounds with a wide range of applications. However, we are becoming increasingly aware of the hazardous substances used and generated by these chemical processes. The field of organic synthesis has undergone profound changes to switch to equally efficient, but more sustainable processes that avoid the extensive use of toxic and hazardous reagents and solvents, harsh reaction conditions and expensive and sophisticated catalysts.
Explaining methods for carrying out chemical syntheses without the use of catalysts, this book shows how avoiding catalysts during synthesis can mean less use of toxic chemicals, environmentally damaging chemicals or endangered elements and lower costs. It is an important reference for chemists involved in organic synthesis, as well as for green chemists. (Source : Site de l'éditeur)

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Microrheology / Eric M. Furst, Todd M. Squires

Sujet(s) : Rhéologie

This book presents a comprehensive overview of microrheology, emphasizing the underlying theory, practical aspects of its implementation, and current applications to rheological studies in academic and industrial laboratories. [...] Microrheology covers topics ranging from active microrheology using laser or magnetic tweezers to passive microrheology, such as multiple particle tracking and tracer particle microrheology with diffusing wave spectroscopy.Overall, this introduction to microrheology informs those seeking to incorporate these methods into their own research, or simply survey and understand the growing body of microrheology literature. (Source : Site de l'éditeur)

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Dynamic covalent chemistry : principles, reactions, and applications / edited by Wei Zhang, Yinghua Jin

Sujet(s) : Chimie supramoléculaire - Macromolécules - Liaisons chimiques

Dynamic Covalent Chemistry: Principles, Reactions, and Applications presents a comprehensive review of the theory, thermodynamic fundamentals, mechanisms, and design principles of dynamic covalent systems. It features contributions from a team of international scientists, grouped into three main sections covering the principles of dynamic covalent chemistry, types of dynamic covalent chemical reactions, and the latest applications of dynamic covalent chemistry (DCvC) across an array of fields.
The past decade has seen tremendous progress in (DCvC) research and industrial applications. The great synthetic power and reversible nature of this chemistry has enabled the development of a variety of functional molecular systems and materials for a broad range of applications in organic synthesis, materials development, nanotechnology, drug discovery, and biotechnology. Yet, until now, there have been no authoritative references devoted exclusively to this powerful synthetic tool, its current applications, and the most promising directions for future development. (Source : Site de l'éditeur)

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Sediment routing systems : the fate of sediment from source to sink / Philip A. Allen

Sujet(s) : Sédiments (géologie) -- Transport

This cutting-edge summary combines ideas from several sub-disciplines including geology, geomorphology, oceanography and geochemistry to provide an integrated view of Earth surface dynamics in terms of sediment generation, transport and deposition. Introducing a global view of fundamental concepts underpinning source-to-sink studies, it provides an analysis of the component segments which make up sediment routing systems. The functioning of sediment routing systems is illustrated through calculations of denudation and sedimentation as well as the response to external drivers; with the final sections focusing on the stratigraphic record of sediment routing systems. Containing quantitative solutions to a wide range of problems in Earth surface dynamics, it is suitable for graduate students as well as academic and professional researchers; and will enable an understanding of sediment routing systems. (Source : Site de l'éditeur)

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Classical methods in structure elucidation of natural products / R. W. Hoffmann

Sujet(s) : Produits naturels -- Spectres

The structures of many natural products are given in standard textbooks on organic chemistry as 'established facts'. Yet for those natural products whose structures were determined between 1860 and 1960 by classical chemical methods, the lines of evidence are frequently buried under any number of investigations that led to dead ends and to revised structure assignments. Since very little is known about the structure clarification of these products at present, this volume serves to shed light once again on the achievements of previous generations of chemists, who worked with minimal experimental tools. (Source : 4e de couverture)

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Lectures on quantum mechanics / Paul A. M. Dirac

Sujet(s) : Théorie quantique

The four lectures in this book were delivered at Yeshiva University, New York, in 1964. The first, "The Hamiltonian Method," is an introduction to visualizing quantum theory through the use of classical mechanics. The remaining lectures build on that idea. "The Problem of Quantization" shows how one can start with a classical field theory and end up with a quantum field theory. In "Quantization on Curved Surfaces," Dirac examines the possibility of building a relativistic quantum theory on curved surfaces. He deduces that it is not possible, but it should be possible on flat surfaces. In the final lecture, "Quantization on Flat Surfaces," he concludes that "we can set up the basic equations for a quantum theory of the Born-Infeld electrodynamics agreeing with special relativity, but [not] with general relativity." Physics and chemistry students will find this book an invaluable addition to their libraries, as will anyone intrigued by the far-reaching and influential ideas of quantum mechanics. (Source : Site de l'éditeur)

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Groundwater response to changing climate / Makoto Taniguchi, Ian P. Holman

Sujet(s) : Eaux souterraines - Hydrogéologie

Groundwater systems are vital to both society and the environment, supporting food production and many other ecosystem services. Sustainable management of this vital resource for future generations requires a sound understanding of how groundwater might respond to the inevitable changes in future climate. In this volume, recent developments within the interlinked areas of the response of groundwater systems to climate variability and climate change are highlighted, using contemporary field investigations and monitoring of aquifers, numerical simulations of aquifer response to climate change predictions and paleohydrogeological studies of ancient groundwater systems. The book provides an up-to-date description of the relationship between groundwater behaviour and ancient, historical, current and future climates for a range of diverse aquifer systems around the world. (Source : Site de l'éditeur)

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Atmospheric frontal dynamics / Mankin Mak

Sujet(s) : Physique de l'atmosphère

Atmospheric Frontal Dynamics [...] presents a self-contained and comprehensive coverage of the ubiquitous surface and upper-level fronts, which are boundaries separating two air masses of different densities. Atmospheric fronts are a product of interaction between planetary, synoptic, meso and small scales of motions. They are uniquely important in weather forecasting since many meteorological phenomena are closely associated with them. The discussions of the multifaceted aspects of basic frontal dynamics are based on illustrative analyses of a hierarchy of semi-geostrophic frontal models performed in physical, as opposed to geostrophic, coordinates. Such analyses enable us to systematically and quantitatively delineate the physical nature of different types of fronts in a relatively straightforward manner. They are further supplemented by two illustrative analyses using a state-of-the-art model. 'Learning-by-doing' is the guiding principle behind the book, making it an asset to both students and instructors in atmospheric science and meteorology. (Source : Site de l'éditeur)

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Nonequilibrium statistical physics : a modern perspective / Roberto Livi, Paolo Politi

Sujet(s) : Mécanique statistique hors d'équilibre

Statistical mechanics has been proven to be successful at describing physical systems at thermodynamic equilibrium. Since most natural phenomena occur in nonequilibrium conditions, the present challenge is to find suitable physical approaches for such conditions: this book provides a pedagogical pathway that explores various perspectives. The use of clear language, and explanatory figures and diagrams to describe models, simulations and experimental findings makes the book a valuable resource for undergraduate and graduate students, and also for lecturers organizing teaching at varying levels of experience in the field. Written in three parts, it covers basic and traditional concepts of nonequilibrium physics, modern aspects concerning nonequilibrium phase transitions, and application-orientated topics from a modern perspective. A broad range of topics is covered, including Langevin equations, Levy processes, directed percolation, kinetic roughening and pattern formation. (Source : Site de l'éditeur)

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Airy functions and applications to physics / Olivier Vallée, Manuel Soares

Sujet(s) : Physique mathématique

The use of special functions, and in particular Airy functions, is rather common in physics. The reason may be found in the need, and even in the necessity, to express a physical phenomenon in terms of an effective and comprehensive analytical form for the whole scientific community. However, for the past twenty years, many physical problems have been resolved by computers. This trend is now becoming the norm as the importance of computers continues to grow. As a last resort, the special functions employed in physics will have to be calculated numerically, even if the analytic formulation of physics is of primary importance.
Airy functions have periodically been the subject of many review articles, but no noteworthy compilation on this subject has been published since the 1950s. In this work, we provide an exhaustive compilation of the current knowledge on the analytical properties of Airy functions, developing with care the calculus implying the Airy functions.
The book is divided into 2 parts: the first is devoted to the mathematical properties of Airy functions, whilst the second presents some applications of Airy functions to various fields of physics. The examples provided succinctly illustrate the use of Airy functions in classical and quantum physics. (Source : Site de l'éditeur)

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Climatologie et paléoclimatologie / Alain Foucault

Sujet(s) : Climatologie - Paléoclimatologie

Cet ouvrage est un cours complet sur la climatologie.
La première partie définit le concept très complexe de climat qui désigne est une moyenne d'une série d'états caractéristiques de l'atmosphère. Il apparaît ainsi des zones climatiques (tropical, tempéré, boréal, polaire...).
La deuxième partie aborde la paléoclimatologie qui grâce à l'étude des fossiles et des faciès des sédiments permet de reconstituer la nature du climat du passé. Cette étude révèle l'existence de variations du climat selon des cycles astronomiques. Par ailleurs, les continents n'ayant pas toujours eu la même position, les paramètres climatiques dans un même hémisphère ont varié aux cours des temps géologiques.
La dernière partie aborde le climat du futur et traduit la difficulté de prendre en compte ce nouveau paramètre modificateur du climat qu'est l'homme.
Cette deuxième édition a été entièrement refondue pour rendre compte des très nombreux travaux et conférences sur le climat (COP 21 par exemple) menés depuis une dizaine d'années. (Source : Site de l'éditeur)

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Systems biology : a textbook / Edda Kilpp, Wolffram Liebermaster, Christophe Wieling... [et al.]

Sujet(s) : Biologie systémique - Biologie moléculaire - Biochimie

This advanced textbook is tailored for an introductory course in Systems Biology and is well-suited for biologists as well as engineers and computer scientists.It comes with student-friendly reading lists and a companion website featuring a short exam prep version of the book and educational modeling programs. The text is written in an easily accessible style and includes numerous worked examples and study questions in each chapter. For this edition, a section on medical systems biology has been included. (Source : Site de l'éditeur)

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Histoire des sciences de la vie / Pascal Duris, Gabriel Gohau

Sujet(s) : Sciences de la vie

Cette histoire des sciences de la vie est nouvelle, non par son sujet, mais par son approche. En effet, l’habituel récit chronologique plus ou moins triomphaliste d’une science faite cède ici la place à une réflexion thématique sur le lent travail de la science en train de se faire.
L’ambition des auteurs est de permettre ainsi au lecteur de comprendre comment se sont forgés les concepts fondamentaux de la biologie (espèce, évolution, fécondation, cellule, chromosome, réflexe, hormone, etc.) et comment une méthode expérimentale s’est progressivement imposée dans les sciences du vivant. Pour cela, l’ouvrage explore successivement l’histoire de la classification des espèces et des théories de l’évolution, celle des théories de la génération, de la théorie cellulaire et de l’émergence de la biologie moléculaire et, enfin, l’histoire des idées sur les grandes fonctions de l’organisme. (Source : Site de l'éditeur)

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Bioinformatique : cours et applications / Gilbert Deléage

Sujet(s) : Bioinformatique - Séquençage des acides nucléiques

La bioinformatique est une « interdiscipline » à la frontière de la biologie, de l’informatique et des mathématiques. Elle a pour but d'intégrer des données d’origines très diverses pour modéliser les systèmes vivants afin de comprendre et prédire leurs comportements (analyse du génome, modélisation de l'évolution d'une population animale dans un environnement donné, modélisation moléculaire, reconstruction d'arbres phylogénétiques…).
Ce livre aborde de manière simple les taches courantes en bioinformatique qu’un biologiste/biochimiste doit savoir traiter par lui-même sans avoir recours au spécialiste. Conçu de manière à faciliter la compréhension des approches, méthodes, algorithmes et implémentations les plus courantes en bioinformatique moléculaire et structurale, ce livre leur permettra d’éviter les pièges classiques et de répondre aux questions usuelles : comment chercher dans les banques de données biologiques ? Peut-on reconstruire l’histoire évolutive des espèces grâce aux séquences biologiques? Quelle peut être la fonction d’une protéine ? Comment construire un modèle 3D de protéine?...
Chaque chapitre se termine par une série de QCM corrigés.
Dans cette seconde édition, le chapitre sur les bases de données a été entièrement mis à jour et un cas pratique détaillé supplémentaire a été ajouté. (Source : Site de l'éditeur)

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