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Terms and conditions of room usage


Rooms for group work and carrels in the library are available to registered members of the scientific departments (biology, chemistry, cognitive science, geosciences, physics), owning an updated multifunction card.

In order to guarantee the readers a free access to the documents, each room can be booked every morning only, from 9:00 to 12:00. The room should be booked between 15 days and 24 hours before the event, and only once per user.

A video-projector and a screen can be provided, unless they are already booked.

Rooms for group work are reserved for meetings, work sessions and seminars. They have 6 to 10 seats. Extra chairs are available and can be requested when booking. For safety reasons, the total number of seats should not exceed 19 people. 

Drinking and eating are not allowed.

The carrels are reserved for working individually or in pairs. Drinking and eating are not allowed either.

Although being separated from the reading room, these rooms do not benefit from an high quality of soundproofing, and do not enable their users to make too much noise without disturbing other readers. People using the work rooms should therefore respect an environment convenient for the concentration.



Please be advised that the group work rooms hold books. The Library staff or readers may therefore enter the rooms, even when they are occupied, for as long as they need to get the books they wish to consult.