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Grounding and shielding : circuits and interference / Ralph Morrison. - 6th edition

Sujet(s) : Circuits électroniques

This book connects the fundamentals of electromagnetic theory to the problems of interference in all types of electronic design. The text covers power distribution in facilities, mixing of analog and digital circuitry, circuit board layout at high clock rates, and meeting radiation and susceptibility standards. The author examines the grounding and shielding requirements and techniques in circuit design and applies basic physics to circuit behavior. The sixth edition of this book has been updated with new material added throughout the chapters where appropriate. The presentation of the book has also been rearranged in order to reflect the current trends in the field. (Source : Site de l'éditeur)


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Water chemistry : green science and technology of Nature's most renewable ressource / Stanley E. Manahan

Sujet(s) : Chimie de l'environnement - Eau--Chimie - Énergies renouvelables

This book examines water issues within the broad framework of sustainability. Stanley Manahan relates the science and technology of this amazing substance to areas essential to sustainability science, including environmental and green chemistry, industrial ecology, and green (sustainable) science and technology.

Manahan explains how the hydrosphere relates to the geosphere, atmosphere, biosphere, and anthrosphere. His approach views Planet Earth as consisting of these five mutually interacting spheres. He covers biogeochemical cycles and the essential role of water in these basic cycles of materials. He also defines environmental chemistry and green chemistry, emphasizing water’s role in the practice of each. Manahan highlights the role of the anthrosphere, that part of the environment constructed and operated by humans. He underscores its overwhelming influence on the environment and its pervasive effects on the hydrosphere. He also covers the essential role that water plays in the sustainable operation of the anthrosphere and how it can be maintained in a manner that will enable it to operate in harmony with the environment for generations to come. (Source : Site de l'éditeur)

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Self-assembled supramolecular architectures : lyotropic liquid crystals / edited by Nissim Garti, Ponisseril Somasundaran, Raffaele Mezzenga

Sujet(s) : Cristaux liquides - Chimie des surfaces - Chimie supramoléculaire

This book will describe fundamentals and recent developments in the area of Self-Assembled Supramolecular Architecture and their relevance to the  understanding of the functionality of  membranes  as delivery systems for active ingredients. As the heirarchial architectures determine their performance capabilities, attention will be paid to theoretical and design aspects related to the construction of lyotropic liquid crystals: mesophases such as lamellar, hexagonal, cubic, sponge phase micellosomes. The book will bring to the reader mechanistic aspects, compositional considerations, transition within phases, solubilization capacities, drug entrapment and release mechanisms and transmembrane, transdermal, and other transport phenomena. It will stress the importance of these mesostructures to crystallization and polymorphism of drugs, fats, and nutraceuticals and will discuss regioselectivity of organic and enzymatic reactions that take place at interfaces and within the channels of the mesophase. The book will bring studies on the use of these mesophase as crystallization or particulation media for the formation of nanoparticles and nanocrystals. Chapters will discuss applications in the areas of pharmaceuticals, food, cosmetics, plastics, paper, agro-chemistry and industrial applications. (Source : Site de l'éditeur)

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Gold nanoparticles : for physics, chemistry, and biology / Catherine Louis, Olivier Pluchery

Sujet(s) : Nanoparticules

The fascination with gold is a story which spans millennia, however scientists have recently found a new interest for gold when it is divided into miniscule grains, such as gold nanoparticles. This scientific enthusiasm started in various fields of science in the middle of the 1980s and the present book offers a panorama of the major scientific achievements obtained with gold nanoparticles.

Various topics are reviewed such as: gold nanoparticle preparation methods, their plasmon resonance and thermo-optical properties, their catalytic properties, their use in biology and medicine as well as their possible toxicity and, finally, their future technological applications. The book also contains an in-depth study of the use of gold nanoparticles throughout the ages, starting from times where the concept of nanoparticles was beyond the realm of human imagination. (Source : Site de l'éditeur)

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Fabriquer le vivant? Ce que nous apprennent les sciences de la vie pour penser les défis de notre époque / Miguel Benasayag, Pierre-Henri Gouyon

Sujet(s) : Sciences de la vie -- Philosophie

Dans leurs laboratoires, des biologistes espèrent aujourd'hui pouvoir « fabriquer la vie ». Grâce aux formidables avancées des sciences et des techniques, nous disent-ils, « tout est possible ». Et pourtant, dans nos sociétés postmodernes, cette vieille croyance qui fondait l'idéologie du progrès, garant du bonheur à venir, apparaît définitivement obsolète : la fin de cette idéologie a accouché en Occident de la domination sans partage de l'individualisme, qui mine désormais profondément le lien social. Comment expliquer ce paradoxe entre la technoscience triomphante et la profonde crise des fondements de la pensée qui caractérise notre époque ?
En s'intéressant sérieusement aux défis philosophiques et scientifiques que soulèvent les récentes explorations des sciences du vivant, de la création de la vie en laboratoire aux recherches fondamentales en génétique : c'est ce que proposent dans cet ouvrage Miguel Benasayag et Pierre-Henri Gouyon, sous la forme d'un dialogue. La philosophie et la biologie y croisent leurs problématiques, se complétant et s'enrichissant. Loin de se limiter au champ scientifique, le modèle organique permet de porter un autre regard, riche de surprises, sur les phénomènes sociaux. (Source : Site de l'éditeur)

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Le principe responsabilité : une éthique pour la civilisation technologique / Hans Jonas

Sujet(s) : Technique et morale - Responsabilité - Sciences et morale

Les morales traditionnelles sont devenues inopérantes en particulier pour les décideurs politiques. Hans Jonas propose une reformulation de l'éthique autour de l'idée de responsabilité, sous ses différents aspects (naturelle et contractuelle), et voit dans les parents et les hommes d'État deux modèles essentiels ; il discute les idéaux de progrès et les utopies (d'où le titre qui rappelle Le Principe espérance d'Ernst Bloch) et dessine une philosophie de l'« espérance responsable » fondée sur le respect. (Source : Site de l'éditeur)

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Design and applications of single-site heterogeneous catalysts : contributions to green chemistry, clean technology and sustainability / Sir John Meurig Thomas

Sujet(s) : Chimie de l'environnement - Catalyseurs - Catalyse hétérogène

For far too long chemists and industrialists have relied on the use of aggressive reagents such as nitric and sulphuric acids, permanganates and dichromates to prepare the massive quantities of both bulk and fine chemicals that are needed for the maintenance of civilised life — materials such as fuels, fabrics, foodstuffs, fertilisers and pharmaceuticals. Such aggressive reagents generate vast quantities of environmentally harmful and often toxic by-products, including the oxides of nitrogen, of metal oxides and carbon dioxide.

Now, owing to recent advances made in the synthesis of nanoporous solids, it is feasible to design new solid catalysts that enable benign, mild oxidants to be used, frequently without utilising solvents, to manufacture the products that the chemical, pharmaceutical, agro- and bio-chemical industries require. These new solid agents are designated single-site heterogeneous catalysts (SSHCs). Their principal characteristics are that all the active sites present in the high-area solids are identical in their atomic environment and hence in their energy of interaction with reactants, just as in enzymes.

Single-site heterogeneous catalysts dwells both on principles of design and on applications, such as the benign synthesis of nylon 6 and vitamin B3. It equips the reader with unifying insights required for future catalytic adventures in the quest for sustainability in the materials used by humankind. (Source : Site de l'éditeur)

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An invitation to quantum field theory / Luis Alvarez-Gaumé, Miguel A. Vazquez-Mozo

Sujet(s) : Théorie quantique des champs

This book provides an introduction to Quantum Field Theory (QFT) at an elementary level—with only special relativity, electromagnetism and quantum mechanics as prerequisites. For this fresh approach to teaching QFT, based on numerous lectures and courses given by the authors, a representative sample of topics has been selected containing some of the more innovative, challenging or subtle concepts. They are presented with a minimum of technical details, the discussion of the main ideas being more important than the presentation of the typically very technical mathematical details necessary to obtain the final results.

 Special attention is given to the realization of symmetries in particle physics: global and local symmetries, explicit, spontaneously broken, and anomalous continuous symmetries, as well as discrete symmetries. Beyond providing an overview of the standard model of the strong, weak and electromagnetic interactions and the current understanding of the origin of mass, the text enumerates the general features of renormalization theory as well as providing a cursory description of effective field theories and the problem of naturalness in physics. Among the more advanced topics the reader will find are an outline of the first principles derivation of the CPT theorem and the spin-statistics connection. (Source : Site de l'éditeur)

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An introduction to chaos in nonequilibrium statistical mechanics / J. R. Dorfman

Sujet(s) : Mécanique statistique - Chaos (théorie des systèmes)

This book is an introduction to the applications in nonequilibrium statistical mechanics of chaotic dynamics, and also to the use of techniques in statistical mechanics important for an understanding of the chaotic behaviour of fluid systems. The fundamental concepts of dynamical systems theory are reviewed and simple examples are given. Advanced topics including SRB and Gibbs measures, unstable periodic orbit expansions, and applications to billiard-ball systems, are then explained. The text emphasises the connections between transport coefficients, needed to describe macroscopic properties of fluid flows, and quantities, such as Lyapunov exponents and Kolmogorov-Sinai entropies, which describe the microscopic, chaotic behaviour of the fluid. Later chapters consider the roles of the expanding and contracting manifolds of hyperbolic dynamical systems and the large number of particles in macroscopic systems. (Source : Site de l'éditeur)

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Basic concepts of string theory / Ralph Blumenhagen, Dieter Lüst, Stefan Theisen

Sujet(s) : Modèles des cordes vibrantes - Théorie des champs - Supercordes

The purpose of this book is to thoroughly prepare the reader for research in string theory. It is intended as a textbook in the sense that, starting from the basics, the material is presented in a pedagogical and self-contained fashion. The emphasis is on the world-sheet perspective of closed strings and of open strings ending on D-branes, where two-dimensional conformal field theory is the main tool. Compactifications of string theory, with and without fluxes, and string dualities are also discussed from the space-time point of view, i.e. in geometric language. (Source : Site de l'éditeur)

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Fundamentals of physical volcanology / Elizabeth A. Parfitt, Lionel Wilson

Sujet(s) : Volcanisme

Fundamentals of Physical Volcanology is a comprehensive overview of the processes that control when and how volcanoes erupt. Understanding these processes involves bringing together ideas from a number of disciplines, including branches of geology, such as petrology and geochemistry; and aspects of physics, such as fluid dynamics and thermodynamics.
This book explains in accessible terms how different areas of science have been combined to reach our current level of knowledge of volcanic systems. It includes an introduction to eruption types, an outline of the development of physical volcanology, a comprehensive overview of subsurface processes, eruption mechanisms, the nature of volcanic eruptions and their products, and a review of how volcanoes affect the environment. (Source : Site de l'éditeur)


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Thermal remote sensing of active volcanoes : a user's manual / Andrew Harris

Sujet(s) : Eruptions volcaniques

Encapsulating over one hundred years of research developments, this book is a comprehensive manual for measurements of Earth surface temperatures and heat fluxes, enabling better detection and measurement of volcanic activity. With a particular focus on volcanic hot spots, the book explores methodologies and principles used with satellite-, radiometer- and thermal-camera data. It presents traditional applications using satellite and ground based sensors as well as modern applications that have evolved for use with hand-held thermal cameras and is fully illustrated with case studies, databases and worked examples. Chapter topics include techniques for thermal mixture modelling and heat flux derivation, and methods for data collection, mapping and time-series generation. Appendices and online supplements present additional specific notes on areas of sensor application and data processing, supported by an extensive reference list. (Source : Site de l'éditeur)

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The theory of large-scale ocean circulation / R. M. Samelson

Sujet(s) : Circulation océanique

Mounting evidence that human activities are substantially modifying the Earth's climate brings a new imperative to the study of the ocean's large-scale circulation. This textbook provides a concise but comprehensive introduction to the theory of large-scale ocean circulation, as it is currently understood and established. Students and instructors will benefit from the carefully chosen chapter-by-chapter exercises. This advanced textbook is invaluable for graduate students and researchers in the fields of oceanic, atmospheric, and climate sciences and other geophysical scientists, as well as physicists and mathematicians with a quantitative interest in the planetary fluid environment. (Source : Site de l'éditeur)

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An introduction to atmospheric physics / David G. Andrews

Sujet(s) : Physique de l'atmosphère

A quantitative introduction to the Earth's atmosphere for intermediate-advanced undergraduate and graduate students, with an emphasis on underlying physical principles. This edition has been brought completely up-to-date, and now includes a new chapter on the physics of climate change which builds upon material introduced in earlier chapters, giving the student a broad understanding of some of the physical concepts underlying this most important and topical subject. In contrast to many other books on atmospheric science, the emphasis is on the underlying physics. Atmospheric applications are developed mainly in the problems given at the end of each chapter. The book is an essential resource for all students of atmospheric physics as part of an atmospheric science, meteorology, physics, Earth science, planetary science, or applied mathematics course. (Source : Site de l'éditeur)

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Geodynamics / Donald L. Turcotte, Gerald Schubert

Sujet(s) : Géodynamique

Essential reading for any Earth scientist, this classic textbook has been providing advanced undergraduate and graduate students with the fundamentals needed to develop a quantitative understanding of the physical processes of the solid earth for over thirty years. This third edition has two completely new chapters covering numerical modelling and geophysical MATLAB applications, and the text is now supported by a suite of online MATLAB codes that will enable students to grasp the practical aspects of computational modelling. The book has been brought fully up to date with the inclusion of new material on planetary geophysics and other cutting edge topics. Exercises within the text allow students to put the theory into practice as they progress through each chapter and carefully selected further reading sections guide and encourage them to delve deeper into topics of interest. Answers to problems available within the book and also online, for self-testing, complete the textbook package. (Source : Site de l'éditeur)

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Fundamentals of geophysical fluid dynamics / James C. McWilliams

Sujet(s) : Dynamique des fluides - Géophysique

Earth's atmosphere and oceans exhibit complex patterns of fluid motion over a vast range of space and time scales. These patterns combine to establish the climate in response to solar radiation that is inhomogeneously absorbed by the materials comprising air, water, and land. Spontaneous, energetic variability arises from instabilities in the planetary-scale circulations, appearing in many different forms such as waves, jets, vortices, boundary layers, and turbulence. Geophysical fluid dynamics (GFD) is the science of all these types of fluid motion. This textbook is a concise and accessible introduction to GFD for intermediate to advanced students of the physics, chemistry, and/or biology of Earth's fluid environment. (Source : Site de l'éditeur)

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Spacetime and geometry : an introduction to general relativity / Sean Carroll

Sujet(s) : Relativité générale - Espace-temps

This book provides a lucid and thoroughly modern introduction to general relativity for advanced undergraduates and graduate students. Readers are led from physics of flat spacetime (special relativity), trough the intricacies of differential geometry and Einstein's equations, and on to exciting applications such as black holes, gravitational radiation, and cosmology. (Source : Site de l'éditeur)

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Genome duplication / Melvin L. DePamphilis and Stephen D. Bell

Genome Duplication provides a comprehensive and readable overview of the underlying principles that govern genome duplication in all forms of life, from the simplest cell to the most complex multicellular organism.
Using examples from the three domains of life - bacteria, archaea, and eukarya - Genome Duplication shows how all living organisms store their genome as DNA and how they all use the same evolutionary-conserved mechanism to duplicate it: semi-conservative DNA replication by the replication fork. The text shows how the replication fork determines where organisms begin genome duplication, how they produce a complete copy of their genome each time a cell divides, and how they link genome duplication to cell division.
Genome Duplication explains how mistakes in genome duplication are associated with genetic disorders and cancer, and how understanding genome duplication, its regulation, and how the mechanisms differ between different forms of life, is critical to the understanding and treatment of human disease.

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Optically pumped atoms /

William Happer,Fiche auteur :

Fiche de la BnF

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Yuan-Yu Jau,

Thad Walker Fiche auteur :

Page personnelle

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Sujet(s) : Pompage optique - Spectroscopie atomique

Covering the most important knowledge on optical pumping of atoms, this ready reference is backed by numerous examples of modelling computation for optical pumped systems. The authors show for the first time that modern scientific computing software makes it practical to analyze the full, multilevel system of optically pumped atoms.

To make the discussion less abstract, the authors have illustrated key points with sections of MATLAB codes. To make most effective use of contemporary mathematical software, it is especially useful to analyze optical pumping situations in the Liouville space of density matrices rather than in the traditional Hilbert space of wave functions. This unique approach allows modelling under most experimental conditions, e.g. :

  • magnetic resonance with one or more oscillating magnetic fields,
  • coherent population trapping or CPG resonances induce by modulated light,
  • magneto-optic forces on multilevel atoms,
  • various spin-relaxation processes etc.

The reader of this book should have a basic understanding of quantum mechanics, atomic physics, optics and magnetic resonance. Some familiarity with MATLAB would be helpful to a reader interested in writing specialized programs based on the illustrative codes to analyze specialized optical-pumping phenomena. (Source : Site de l'éditeur)

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Life in moving fluids : the physical biology of flow /

Steven Vogel Fiche auteur :

Fiche de la BnF

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Sujet(s) : Mécanique des fluides - Biophysique

Both a landmark text and reference book, Steven Vogel's Life in Moving Fluids has also played a catalytic role in research involving the applications of fluid mechanics to biology. In this revised edition, Vogel continues to combine humor and clear explanations as he addresses biologists and general readers interested in biological fluid mechanics, offering updates on the field over the last dozen years and expanding the coverage of the biological literature.

His discussion of the relationship between fluid flow and biological design now includes sections on jet propulsion, biological pumps, swimming, blood flow, and surface waves, and on acceleration reaction and Murray's law. This edition contains an extensive bibliography for readers interested in designing their own experiments. (Source : Site de l'éditeur)

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Lectures on quantum mechanics /

Steven Weinberg Fiche auteur :

Fiche de la BnF

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Sujet(s) : Théorie quantique

Nobel Laureate Steven Weinberg combines his exceptional physical insight with his gift for clear exposition to provide a concise introduction to modern quantum mechanics. Ideally suited to a one-year graduate course, this textbook is also a useful reference for researchers. Readers are introduced to the subject through a review of the history of quantum mechanics and an account of classic solutions of the Schrödinger equation, before quantum mechanics is developed in a modern Hilbert space approach.

The textbook covers many topics not often found in other books on the subject, including alternatives to the Copenhagen interpretation, Bloch waves and band structure, the Wigner–Eckart theorem, magic numbers, isospin symmetry, the Dirac theory of constrained canonical systems, general scattering theory, the optical theorem, the 'in-in' formalism, the Berry phase, Landau levels, entanglement and quantum computing. (Source : Site de l'éditeur)

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Introduction to enzyme and coenzyme chemistry / T. D. H. Bugg

Sujet(s) : Enzymes - Coenzymes - Chimie organique

Enzymes are giant macromolecules which catalyse biochemical reactions. They are remarkable in many ways. Their three-dimensional structures are highly complex, yet they are formed by spontaneous folding of a linear polypeptide chain. Their catalytic properties are far more impressive than synthetic catalysts which operate under more extreme conditions. Each enzyme catalyses a single chemical reaction on a particular chemical substrate with very high enantioselectivity and enantiospecificity at rates which approach “catalytic perfection”. Living cells are capable of carrying out a huge repertoire of enzyme-catalysed chemical reactions, some of which have little or no precedent in organic chemistry.
This new edition provides a concise but comprehensive account from the perspective of organic chemistry, what enzymes are, how they work, and how they catalyse many of the major classes of enzymatic reactions, and will continue to prove invaluable to both undergraduate and postgraduate students of organic, bio-organic and medicinal chemistry, chemical biology, biochemistry and biotechnology. (Source : Site de l'éditeur)

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Future energy : improved, sustainable and clean options for planet / Trevor M. Letcher

Sujet(s) : Ressources énergétiques - Eco-industries

As the demand for global energy increases, fact-based evaluations of alternative energy sources are needed in order to address the growing interest in how energy is produced, provided, and transported in sustainable ways. Future Energy, Second Edition provides scientists and decision makers with the knowledge they need to understand the relative importance and magnitude of various energy production methods in order to make the energy decisions needed for sustaining development and dealing with climate change. The second edition of Future Energy looks at the present energy situation and extrapolates to future scenarios related to global warming and the increase of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. (Source : Site de l'éditeur)

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Estuaries : dynamics, mixing, sedimentation and morphology / David Prandle

Sujet(s) : Océanographie - Estuaires

This volume outlines practical formulae and new hypotheses for the dynamics, sediment regimes and morphological evolution in estuaries. Enabling readers to compare different estuaries, and develop monitoring and modeling strategies for short and long-term management issues, it is a valuable reference for students of physical oceanography and estuary engineering, and professional researchers. (Source : Site de l'éditeur)

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Copper-oxygen chemistry / Kenneth D. Karlin, Shinobu Itoh

Sujet(s) : Cuproprotéines - Chimie bioinorganique

Copper-mediated biological oxidations offer a broad range of fundamentally important and potentially practical chemical processes that cross many chemical and pharmaceutical disciplines. This newest volume in the Wiley Series on Reactive Intermediates in Chemistry and Biology is divided into three logical areas within the topic of copper/oxygen chemistry— biological systems, theory, and bioinorganic models and applications—to explore the biosphere for its highly evolved and thus efficient oxidative transformations in the discovery of new types of interactions between molecular oxygen and copper ion. Featuring a diverse collection of subject matter unified in one complete and comprehensive resource, Copper-Oxygen Chemistry probes the fundamental aspects of copper coordination chemistry, synthetic organic chemistry, and biological chemistry to reveal both the biological and chemical aspects driving the current exciting research efforts behind copper-oxygen chemistry. (Source : Site de l'éditeur)

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Compact blue-green lasers /

W. P. Risk,Fiche auteur :

Fiche de la BnF
Notice IBMResearch

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T. R. Gosnell Fiche auteur :

Fiche de la BnF

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Sujet(s) : Lasers à semiconducteurs

This volume describes the theory and practical implementation of three techniques for the generation of blue-green light: nonlinear frequency conversion of infrared lasers, upconversion lasers, and wide bandgap semiconductor diode lasers. In addition, it looks at the various applications that have driven the development of compact sources of blue-green light, and reflects on the recent application of these lasers in high-density data storage, color displays, reprographics, and biomedical technology. (Source : Site de l'éditeur)

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Chemistry of high-energy materials / Thomas M. Klapötke

Sujet(s) : Explosifs

This graduate-level textbook in a new revised edition treats the basic chemistry of high energy materials - primary and secondary explosives, propellants, rocket fuel and pyrotechnics - andprovides a review of new research developments. Applications in both military and civil fields are discussed. The book also offers new insights into "green" chemistry requirements and strategies for military applications. This work should be of interest to advanced students in chemistry, materials science and engineering, as well as all those working indefense technology. (Source : Site de l'éditeur)

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Nanomachines : fundamentals and applications / Joseph Wang

Sujet(s) : Nanotechnologie

Nanomachines represent one of the most fascinating topics in of nanotechnology. These tiny devices provide diverse opportunities towards a wide range of important applications, ranging from targeted delivery of drug payloads to environmental remediation. This book addresses comprehensively the latest developments and discoveries in the field of nano- and microscale machines. It covers the evolution of nanomachines in general from a historical perspective, the fundamental challenges for motion at the nanoscale, different categories of biological and synthetic nano/microscale motors based on different propulsion mechanisms, ways for controlling the movement directionality
and regulated speed, followed by detailed of major areas for which nanomachines has the potential to make a transformational impact. It ends with a futuristic look at nano/microscale machines and into their impact on the society. (Source : Site de l'éditeur)

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Microreactors in preparative chemistry : practical aspects in bioprocessing, nanotechnology, catalysis and more / Wladimir Reschetilowski

Sujet(s) : Microréacteurs chimiques

This book provides extremely valuable information for anyone seeking the practical application of microreactor technology in preparative chemistry.
The topics covered branch out in three different directions. To begin with, the knowledge necessary for the preparative chemistry concerning the influence of the so-called microeffects on the reaction procedure and on mass and heat transfer as well as the surface phenomena are provided in detail. Next, practical aspects of the synthesis of various basic chemicals and fine chemicals, polymers, bioproducts and nanoparticles are discussed, including important advice for both the researcher and industrial chemist. Finally, reaction examples in microreactors whose reaction guidance are best understood are given together with universally applicable correlations as well as modeling approaches and transfer potential on related reaction systems. (Source : Site de l'éditeur)

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A guide to the elements / Albert Stwertka

Sujet(s) : Elements (Chimie) - Classification périodique des éléments

Newly updated throughout, and now covering 118 elements, this crystal-clear guide to the periodic table illuminates the basic concepts of chemistry as it traces the history and development of our knowledge of the material world.
Since the second edition, many new elements have been named and discovered, including Darmstadtium, Roentgenium, and Copernicium, and the elements currently called Ununtrium, Ununpentium, Ununhexium, Ununseptium, and Ununoctium. (Source : Site de l'éditeur)

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Evolution's destiny : co-evolving chemistry of the environment and life / R. J. P. Williams, R. E. M. Rickaby

Sujet(s) : Evolution moléculaire - Ecosystèmes

Traditionally, evolution has been viewed solely from a biological fitness perspective, with genes determining how life takes shape in response to the environment. Furthermore, until the arrival of man, life had little or no apparent influence on the environment. Recent advances in our understanding of the Earth's geochemistry and knowledge of the geological record almost from the origin of the Earth have lead to the consideration that, beyond the "survival of the fittest" species, evolution has been occurring on larger, chemical, scale. This book demonstrates that biology and geochemistry have continually influenced each other in the co-evolution of the Earth and all life. In particular there were several essential controls over the bulk inorganic elements in cells which had major consequences later in evolution. The main driving change during evolution was that oxygen released from cells led to novel inorganic elements in the environment. The new elements then interacted with the cells and ultimately the cells came to utilise them in stages. The large scale changes of environmental chemicals ceased about 400 million years ago. At that time the chemical conditions of the environment for present-day life existed. Subsequent changes of organisms were by random "Darwinian" processes and led eventually to the development of a refined brain in man. Man has then been able to restart chemical and physical changes in the environment. The outcome of this remains unknown, but history implies that changes in living organisms must result from these novel chemical experiments with the environment.  (Source : Site de l'éditeur)

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Experimental rock deformation /

M. S. Paterson,Fiche auteur :

Fiche de la BnF
Encyclopedia of Australian Science

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Teng-Fong Wong Fiche auteur :

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(Collection "Physics textbook")

Sujet(s) : Géophysique

This monograph deals with the part of the field of experimental rock deformation that is dominated by the phenomena of brittle fracture on one scale or another. Thus a distinction has been drawn between the fields of brittle and ductile behaviour in rock, corresponding more or less to a distinction between the phenomena of fracture and flow. The last chapter deals with the transition between the two fields. In this new edition an attempt has been made to take into account new developments of the last two and a half decades.

To assist in this project, the original author greatly appreciates being joined by the second author. The scope of the monograph is limited to the mechanical properties of rock viewed as a material on the laboratory scale. Thus, the topic and approach is of a “materials science” kind rather than of a “structures” kind. We are dealing with only one part of the wider field of rock mechanics, a field which also includes structural or boundary value problems, for example, those of the stability of slopes, the collapse of mine openings, earthquakes, the folding of stratified rock, and the convective motion of the Earth’s mantle. One topic thus excluded is the role of jointing, which it is commonly necessary to take into account in applications in engineering and mining, and preferably often in geology too. Shock phenomena have also not been covered. (Source : Site de l'éditeur)

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The Chimpanzees od Bossou and Nimba / T. Matsuzawa, T. Humble, Y. Sugiyama

The chimpanzees of Bossou in Guinea, West Africa, form a unique community which displays an exceptional array of tool use behaviors and behavioral adaptations to coexistence with humans. This community of Pan troglodytes verus has contributed more than three decades of data to the field of cultural primatology, especially chimpanzees’ flexible use of stones to crack open nuts and of perishable tools during foraging activities. The book highlights the special contribution of the long-term research at Bossou and more recent studies in surrounding areas, particularly in the Nimba Mountains and the forest of Diécké, to our understanding of wild chimpanzees’ tool use, cognitive development, lithic technology and culture. This compilation of research principally strives to uncover the complexity of the mind and behavioral flexibility of our closest living relatives. This work also reveals the necessity for ongoing efforts to conserve chimpanzees in the region. Chimpanzees have shed more light on our evolutionary origins than any other extant species in the world, yet their numbers in the wild are rapidly declining. In that sense, the Bossou chimpanzees and their neighbors clearly embody an invaluable cultural heritage for humanity as a whole.

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Naturalistes oubliés, savants méconnus /

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Naturalistes oubliés, savants méconnus /

Yves Delange,Fiche auteur :

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Naturalistes oubliés, savants méconnus /

Yves Delange,Fiche auteur :

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Naturalistes oubliés, savants méconnus /

Yves Delange,Fiche auteur :

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Naturalistes oubliés, savants méconnus /

Yves Delange,Fiche auteur :

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Naturalistes oubliés, savants méconnus /

Yves Delange,Fiche auteur :

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Naturalistes oubliés, savants méconnus /

Yves Delange,Fiche auteur :

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Naturalistes oubliés, savants méconnus /

Yves Delange,Fiche auteur :

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    Naturalistes oubliés, savants méconnus /

    Yves Delange,Fiche auteur :

    Fiche de data BnF
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